Connect with nostalgia
and competition

You'll create a real impression with your visitors when they see your company represented in a custom Atari® 2600 system that they can play. Imagine your visitors competing for high scores or being added to a drawing if that complete the game. Put two players head to head and the winner receives a prize. However you want to incentivize and engage them, make the gameplay a big part of it!

Bring back the 80's

Connect the past to the present by bringing your brand to life on real Atari® 2600 hardware, with a custom game built to represent your business. The simplicity and uniqueness of an 8-bit game will make you the talk of the event! Your booth visitors will be able to play your game right there with you.

Equipment available to lease

video hookup

As official as the original

We don’t just design and program a game for you to use: we can also set you up for a fully branded experience at your marketing venue. Whether it’s custom printed cartridges, boxes, t-shirts, or other materials, your visitors will think that your game is from 1981. And we also rent real Atari® VCS hardware (console, joysticks, power), and video connection kits to help you be ready for the show.