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Custom Game Development

What Trade Show Retro does. This is a custom branded game, all about your organization.

$1,499 - $3,499
Branded Cartridge

All games come on a cartridge – but a branded cartridge is special. It has your company name, logo, and maybe even a cheesy 80’s graphic to match. Authentic-ness!

$149 for the 1st one, $39 for each additional
Printed Retail Game Box

Taking the authenticity to a whole new level. This gets you a real retail box that holds your game cartridge nicely. Custom designed and printed in the style of the games from the early 80’s.

$499 for the 1st one, $19 for each additional
Rental Atari® 2600 System, with 2 joysticks

Unless you have equipment of your own, you’re going to want this. We have a set of these, tested and ready for rental. Rent two for extra insurance against accidental damage while you’re at your event.

$199 each (plus $150 refundable deposit for each)
Video Connection Kit

Video technology has come a long way. The 2600 is extremely analog. It doesn’t plug into modern televisions or projectors without some extra love. These kits allow you to connect the 2600 to digital (HDMI, VGA) without any trouble at all.

$179 each for purchase; or $89 rental with $50 refundable deposit for each)

Go all the way with custom t-shirts using the branding created for your game. Use them as giveaways, or sell them to your biggest fans from your event.

$150 - $250
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