How would you turn our brand into a game?

Cartridge games are basic. We have years (well, decades really) of experience conceptualizing something as complex as your business into a flat, simple game. Our advisors will learn enough about your organization to propose a few great ideas, and you’ll pick your favorite.

We just want the game (software) without the hardware. Will that work?

You can run your game in an emulator, or host it on a web site. We’ll help you do that if you like. A lot of our customers opt against this approach though, because without the real hardware, it loses a bit of that nostalgia that we’re going for. It’s all up to you!

What if we want to make changes to the game later?

We’re up for that. When that time comes, we’ll be able to make modifications (the kind that are possible on these historic systems, of course) at an agreed-upon rate or fixed price. Statement of work stuff.

What if there’s a hardware failure?

The devices that we supply have been through extensive tests; but, your question is still valid: these vintage machines have many decades behind them. The best solution here is our recommendation that you rent two systems, holding one as a backup in case of a VCS, joystick, etc failure. In fact, many customers will rent 4-5 joysticks or more (sometimes, customers can be a bit abusive of those poor joysticks).

What’s the video hookup like?

It comes down to an analog-to-digital conversion. The optional video connection takes the composite (RCA) output of the Atari VCS to VGA or HDMI. The technology that does this is complex, but our instructions make it really easy. While we can help you remotely, many venues can help you with the video setup also.